I'm a Salvadorian-American. I've lived in the USA most of my life. My wife and I live in Sacramento, CA and in Cajica, Colombia, South America. I'm a musician and devoted student of the psychology of success.  My wife is a bilingual Montessori Teacher.

All I ever wanted to do was to work for the telephone company in El Salvador (ANTEL), to be able to play the guitar like Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck, and to live in Brazil. 

I'm not as talented as my idols, but I have just as much fun playing their tunes.  I've have not been to Brazil yet, but I live in Colombia, which is next to it. I never worked at ANTEL, but got to work for AT&T. 

AT&T loved me and I loved AT&T! I received many sales awards, and Circle of Excellence recognitions. However, something was missing. My Colombian wife and I were too far away from our families in Minnesota, Colombia, and El Salvador. One day, I envisioned a future where we could be, work, and play with our families. This meant taking advantage of the telecom technologies invented by AT&T and others. 

Working virtually is not a big deal - I had been doing that successfully since for a long time.  However, many managers don't like it.  AT&T decided to eliminate my virtual assignment in Sacramento.

I viewed my departure as an opportunity to test my commitment, resourcefulness and faith. And most of all, as a privilege to take care of our aging and ill parents.  

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." - Epictetus

I endorsed Eduardo for the assignment in Colombia and he did an excellent job for the company during his assignment. I first met him when he was a sales consultant and later learn of his extensive business operations and collections experience.

He helped train and then manage the local team in Bogota and also worked to help bridge the cultural gap between our numerous ex-patriot employees and the local Colombian team.

I highly endorse Eduardo's efforts and would and did hire him again.

Keith Jefferson, AT&T VP, International CIO 
Owner at PK Business Marketing

Eduardo was a very professional and dedicated PM for my team. His Director always assigned him the most challenging projects because of his ability to deliver. I would highly recommend him.

Steve Clayton, AT&T VP, Architecture
IT Executive / VP: IT Leadership & Strategy for Cloud Solutions, Infrastructure, Operations, Applications, Architecture.

Eduardo is an excellent Program Manager with strong delivery and superb negotiation skills. He led us to success in our implementation of Single Sign On for our new generation of Customer Care applications at AT&T Wireless while achieving software licensing cost reductions and on time delivery.

David Kuhl, AT&T VP, Architecture, Security and New Technologies
Vice President, Information Technology Services at Alaska Airlines

I refuse to be unemployed, in fact, I've never collected unemployment benefits. I invented PRONTOMIZE.  I'm happy and free.

After many trials and errors, in my pursuit for a better way to make a living, I discovered my calling in life. I became a recruiter to understand what employers look for. Now I share my insights with anyone willing to listen. 

I provide jobs listings and coaching to help you convince hiring managers they need to talk to you immediately. The rest is up to you!  

I'm also building a network marketing business. 


Everything in this website represents what I believe and what I'm willing to die for.  I know who I am, what I believe, and that's all I need to know.

I study and improve these skills daily:

1 - Prospecting

2 - Inviting

3 - Presenting

4 - Following up

5 - Closing

6 - Initiating

7 - Promoting

I enjoy what I do and will gladly help anyone who would like to do the same.